Ever wanted to try the silent world of closed circuit rebreather’s to see if it is for you?

Our ever popular Rebreather Try-Dive gives you the opportunity to dive the Inspiration rebreather in open water alongside a qualified and experienced instructor.

After a short briefing to show you the key elements, you will go diving in the open water, allowing you to experience the quiet and wonderful world of Rebreather diving.

Try before you buy or just for a fun day out and a great diving experience, just Contact Us and we will do the rest.

To Book

Contact us and book yourself in and we will sort out the rest for you.
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Try Dives - Detail Description


Rebreather Diving is different to normal Open Circuit diving. Contrary to popular belief, Rebreather diving has been around much longer than normal Open Circuit diving. Rebreather are "proper" Self-Contained-Underwater-Breathing-Apparatus (SCUBA), as they are actually designed to contain everything you need to breath underwater. 

Your breath is recycled within a gas loop, cleaned of CO2 and additional 02 is injected into the system to maintain a breathable gas. Again to dispel myth, the units are actually safer and easy to use - many divers like to make out they are more difficult, but actually once you understand the rules (which are different to Open Circuit diving), using the equipment is not difficult at all.

Our Approach

If you already decided what unit to dive with - great. Nevertheless, we will show you the other options available to you and discuss with you the pro's and con's of each of the units. We offer AP Inspiration, AP Evolution, VR Sentinel, InnerSpace Megalodon and Poseidon DiscoveryOnce you have made your final decision, we will give a short briefing on how the unit works and what you must do when wearing the unit. We will also show you what you will need to do in case of a failure (which are extremely  rare) and also brief you where we will be diving (depth, location, entry, exit, etc.).

We will then help you to get into the unit, wearing your normal dive gear which you are used to. We will jointly go to the water and will dive together. The instructor will keep a close eye on you and you can then practice some of the normal "diving" skills.

How different is Rebreather diving

You should experience a number of things which are different the Open Circuit diving:

  • Your breathing will have no impact on the buoyancy 
  • Your "normal" breathing rate will have only a marginal impact on the gas consumption
  • Your breath will feel warm as the scrubber reacts with CO2
  • You will hear no noise from your diving gear (except a small click which means you know 02 is being injected into the loop)
  • You will hear the surface waves and you will be surprised how noisy Open Circuit divers suddenly sound

Where can I do my Rebreather Try-Dive

We offer try-dives in most UK inland dive sites, the most popular being Stoney Cove and Chepstow. However, we are able to arrange try-dives within reason anywhere in the UK.