PSAI Trimix Program

Meg DiverThe PSAI Trimix Diver courses are designed for those divers who wish to conduct dives using helium based bottom mixes with associated advanced staged decompression techniques. MR Diving is qualified to teach the program on the following Rebreather units  AP InspirationAP EvolutionVR Sentinel and InnerSpace Megalodon

The PSAI Trimix Diver program is conducted in three phases leading to dive depths of up to 100 meters (330 feet). 

The PSAI Trimix Program certification levels are: 

  • TRIMIX FUNDAMENTALS - Level 1: Depth 55 meters (180 feet). 
  • EXPEDITION TRIMIX - Level 2: 75 meters (250 feet). 
  • EXPLORER TRIMIX - Level 3: 100 meters (330 feet).

 Course content includes:

  • Trimix Usage Safety & Equipment
  • Types of Trimix Mixtures
  • Physiological Considerations Associated with the Use of Trimix
  • Formulas for Trimix Diving
  • Gas Management
  • Tracking Decompression
  • Omitted Decompression & Stage Cylinder Problems
  • Use of the PSAI Extended Range Dive Planning Sheet
  • Use of the PSAI Trimix Planning Charts & Worksheets

 PSAI Trimix training is the key to opening the deepest vistas of technical diving.