PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver Program

The PADI Tec40 CCR, Tec60 CCR and Tec100 CCR are technical Rebreather programs using Type T (Technical) Rebreathers. MR Diving has over experience in teaching Type T Rebreather diving since 2000, when Rebreather diving was still aimed at the few. 

The development of newer, safer and easier to use Rebreathers from a number of manufacturers has allowed Rebreather Diving to enter the main stream diving community. MR Diving is extremely experienced in teaching on a wide variety of equipment, we are able to teach on the following Type T rebreathers AP InspirationAP EvolutionVR Sentinel and InnerSpace Megalodon. 

The PADI programme is build in three consecutive steps, allowing students to progress at their own pace and capabilities.

In summary, the PADI Tec CCR program is structured as follows:

  • Tec40 CCR: Maximum 40m depth using Air Diluent with single decompression stop not exceeding 10 minutes 
  • Tec60 CCR: Maximum 60m depth using Trimix/Heliox (min. 16% 02) plus carrying bailout gas for the dive
  • Tec100 CCR: Maximum 100m depth using hypoxic Trimix/Heliox plus carry and manage multiple bailout gases and carry out multiple decompresion stops