Rebreather Skills

These are some of skills which are covered in Skills Refresher Day:

  • Buoyancy
  • Mouth piece open/close
  • Mouth piece recover
  • Mouth piece clearing
  • Open circuit bail out
  • Semi-closed mode
  • Diluent Flush
  • Cell Check
  • Hypercapnia drill
  • ADV use
  • High 02
  • Low 02
  • Rescue Lift
  • Blown hose
  • SMB use
  • Manual maintenance of set point
  • Stage removal
  • Inflator disconnect
  • Analyser Use

The skills refresher is a good way to get started in the new season, especially if you haven't dived for six months or more. We review jointly the equipment you have been trained on and go through all the key skills at the surface and underwater. 

We are authorised to train on all the popular rebreathers - AP Inspiration, AP EvolutionVR SentinelInnerSpace Megalodon and Poseidon Discovery. If the unit is not listed here, please contact us as we maybe authorised to teach on them.

Our Approach

The instructor will go discuss with you the critical scenarios and how to deal with them on the surface. After getting ready, you and the instructor will dive in Open Water (typically 7m to 10m) and will go through the critical drills together. If necessary, where the skills are a bit rusty, the instructor will demonstrate the skill underwater and will ask you to repeat it.

Booking a Skill Refresher

To book a Rebreather Skills Refresher, please use the contact us page.