Rebreather Try-Dives

Rebreather Try-Dives are extremely popular at MR Diving. 

It is a way to experience the wonderful world of Rebreather diving -  try it - you may  like it. 

It is also a way for you to try before you buy from the popular range of Rebreathers - making sure you are comfortable with the equipment before progressing further.

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Adv Rebreather Diver

The PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver allows you to dive to 30m (40m with Deep Certification) and you are required to carry a bailout cylinder.

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Skills Refresher

The skills refresher is a good way to get started in the new season, especially if you haven't dived for six months or more.

We jointly review the equipment you have been trained on and go through all the key skills at the surface and underwater. This way any critical skills are picked up again and reinforced.

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Technical Rebreather

The PADI Technical Rebreather Program uses Type T (Techncial) Rebreathers for divers to extend their skills and depth to 40m, 60m and 100m.

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Sport Rebreather Diver

The PSAI Sport Rebreather Diver is aimed at diving up to 40m in depth using an Air-Diluent and up to 100% 02 while diving. 

The course is aimed at the serious recreational diver who wishes to dive non-decompression dives on their Rebreather.

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Trimix Rebreather

PSAI Trimix Diver extend their range to 55m, 75m and 100m and the diver has an in depth understanding in effective multi-gas management.

Trimix Rebreather Diver

Rebreather Instructor

MR Diving offers a range of professional courses allowing to become a Technical Diving Instructor. MR Diving can help turn your passion for diving into a profession.

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Gas Blender

The advanced gas blending course allows you to safely handle and mix various diving gases. You will understand the different rules and requirements to handle the various gas blending operations.

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