Inspiration Try Dives

Ever wanted to try the silent world of closed circuit rebreather’s to see if it is for you?

Our ever popular Rebreather Try-Dive gives you the opportunity to dive the Inspiration rebreather in open water alongside a qualified and experienced instructor. 

After a short briefing to show you the key elements, you will go diving in the open water, allowing you to experience the quiet and wonderful world of Rebreather diving.

Try before you buy or just for a fun day out and a great diving experience, just Contact Us and we will do the rest.

Inspiration Entry Level Diving Training

Deco Stop on the Inspiration

1998 saw the release of the Inspiration classic rebreather, which has undoubtedly become the diving worlds iconic piece of equipment. Early 2005 saw the release of the Vision electronics which bought a new era to CCR diving.

The Founder of MR Diving was there at the start and we believe that our experience of using the Inspiration over the years will be of value to you in your learning experience. MR Diving aims to offer Inspiration training that is safe, informative and enjoyable.

We aim to take you from interested novice to competent Inspiration diver. Our training courses are designed to be as flexible as you need it to be. Whether it is weekends, evenings or week days, we will do our very best to fit the course around your specific needs.

For details of when the next course starts, and for a quote of course costs, please Contact us detailing your requirements.

Inspiration Advanced Diving Training

Diving the Inspiration

From narcosis free shallow diving on a 30 metre tropical reef to the adventure of exploring a deep intact shipwreck, our trimix rebreather course teaches you to safely and confidently utilize your rebreather for helium mixtures to further extend your diving experience.

On your course you will learn the advanced skills and procedures for trimix diving in a friendly, relaxed and professional atmosphere, and as well as having a great time you will gain a better understanding of your rebreather.

Our Trimix course is built around the kind of diving you want to do and includes personal kit configuration and diving experience by our instructors who have actually dived trimix rebreather all around the world and for many years.

So take the next step with MR Diving and let us expand your diving world knowledge and experience.