Trip Report

The trip is definitely one to remember. The trip had 26 participants of which were 24 divers and all on the their boxes. We arrived at Hurghada late in the evening and immediately started assembling our kit at the back of the Blue Horizon. The crew had already heaved about 30 large cylinders of Helium and O2 on board and the dive guide was spending most of the night filling the requested stages.

The first day we spent at Abu Nahas diving the Giannis D, however, we had struck trouble already. One of the divers had to bailout and when we emerged above the wreck, the strong surge and strong winds pushed us onto the reef. The RIB tried to pick us up, but the wind and waves flipped the RIB, loosing our stages, two cameras and my fins. A 100m further down, the second RIB flipped us well, shocking three divers who lost some of their equipment as well. But as luck would have it, nobody got injured (just a bit shaken) and everything was retrieved (except for my camera and one pair of different fins).

Thankfully, the diving improved, but the weather played havoc with our itinerary, which meant we were reduced to two dives per day. The deep technical divers (75m+) unfortunately didn't get much opportunity to gain their depth. However, we still dived the Thistlegorm, Thomas Reef & Dunraven, Panorma Reef, Shaarb Sheer, the Salem Express and the Minesweeper El Mina in Hurghada Harbour.

On the El Mina, we had one of our divers loose one of his cylinders, which due to perfect timing by Dave Ring, allowed him to film the incident. Just check out the embedded video.

Overall, a good trip. And a thank you to Matt for organising it.

Watch the Red Sea video by Dave Ring on You Tube