Bandos Island, Maldives

Matt and I have recently been to Bandos island, Maldives to revisit our good friends Axel & Annie.

Axel is the manager of the dive resort and also an Inspiration instructor; he has 4 units on the island together with sorb, O2 and helium.

Axel gave us the V.I.P treatment arranging a separate boat for just the 3 Inspirations and a crewman each.

He also took time out to dive with us every day taking us to virgin sites not dived before.

Our typical dive was on the outside walls to 60m taking around 2+ hours to work our way back to the surface.

One highlight was at Embudu Canyon as we hovered at 60m on top of the canyon looking down to the floor a further 80m below!!!

We also attempted to circumnavigate the island after being dropped onto Bandos rock, a huge piece of reef resting on the seabed at around 50m and are home to a dozen white tip sharks. 2 and half-hours later we finally arrived back at the dive shop.

This sort of diving is what the Inspiration was made for, affording you close encounters with what ever comes your way and in the Maldives it could be tiger shark, great hammerheads, countless reef sharks, huge manta rays, eagle rays and turtles as well as the thousands of exotic reef fish which abound in these waters.

We had a great time and plan to go back soon, it is a true divers paradise and the dive shop set up is perfect for taking the Inspiration.

Many thanks to Axel & Annie for their hospitality, hope to see you soon.

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